Current Committee Members

Carmen Lone, Chair
P.O Box 661

Dave Crowell, Co-Chair
65 Sunset Road

Evan Miller
60 Sunset Road

Nelle Ely
53 Portland Road

Ursula Flaherty
16 Knowles Point Road
(508) 254-6714

Selectman, Robert J. McHatton Sr., Liaison
207 South High Street

Justin McIver
P.O. Box 50

Stephen Rickert
P.O. Box 13

Peter Dubrule
P.O. Box 545

Catherine Samuels
14 North Road

Martha Cummings
P.O Box 544

Margaret Sanborn
258 Highland Road

The Community Development Committee was formed when the Economic Development Corporation was privately created and the Town’s Economic Development Committee functions shifted to a different focus, that of development within the community.


The Community Development Committee (CDC) acts an advisory committee and resource to the Select Board. Upon approval of the Select Board, the Committee may coordinate with other entities within the Town government and the Economic Development Corporation as an element of their work. The key elements of their mission include planning for the community’s “quality of life” consistent with the goals established in the Bridgton Comprehensive Plan.

​Issues for the Committee include growth strategies and methods of managing growth, community services, sustainable neighborhood development, affordable housing and other elements as approved by the Select Board. The Committee may also be asked by the Select Board to make recommendations for the Select Board to consider, provide review, oversight and possible recommendations related to community development and planning policies, practices and implementation strategies.


The Committee shall report to the Select Board at least quarterly, the work and progress they have achieved on various assignments and issues. As an advisory committee, the CDC makes recommendations to the Board for consideration. The Committee may request volunteers to assist their efforts, however such persons are not considered voting members of the Committee. The Committee may request additional authorization from the Select Board for specific activities.


Every member of the Committee shall comply with existing state law and the policies and procedures of the town including but not limited to the conduct and notice of meetings, the Town’s Ethics and Guidelines Policy, conflict of interest laws and the Town Personnel Policies.


Members are appointed by the Select Board on an annual basis, usually in January of each year. The Board may also appoint members during the year as they deem necessary.


The Committee shall hold regular public meetings, be responsible for the creation and posting of all agendas and the creation of the public record of each meeting in accordance with the prevailing state law. Such records shall be forwarded to the Select Board and any other entities they are working with.


The Select Board may amend this Charge and Mission as they deem appropriate.

The Community Development Committee typically meets every other Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room in the Municipal Building.

Upcoming Meetings