Old Town Hall Gym & Town Ice Rink Schedule

Town Hall Re-Open 2021

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The Town of Bridgton recognizes that the Town Hall is a substantial community asset. To maximize the use of the Hall a strict scheduling process has been implemented. To minimize the burden on taxpayers, a users’ fee will be charged. The Town currently collects approximately one-third of the operating costs of the Hall in fees.


1. Municipal functions (Town Meetings, Public Hearings, Elections, etc.); Town recreation programs.

2. Groups using the Hall on a long-term basis or for annual events as long as the agreements are signed a minimum of two months prior to the date of the event. The Recreation Director is authorized to obtain signed agreements up to a year in advance of the event in order to ensure the availability of the Hall for a particular date.

3. All other groups on a first come, first served basis.


Fee Structure

1. $100 per day by any not-for-profit group or resident. Must be Bridgton based.

2. $200 per day by all others.

3. No fee for Town-sponsored or co-sponsored events and activities.

4. A reduced daily fee may be established by the Recreation Director when the Town shares in the gross income of the event.
A. The Daily rate goes hourly but no less that $15 per hour with a minimum of 7.5% share for short term rentals which occur less than 3 times per week and less than 3 weeks in each month.
B. The Daily rate goes hourly but no less than $10 per hour with a minimum of 5% share for long term rentals.

5. Multiple use/events of the facility—same day or long term—may have a reduced rate but no less than $10 per hour.

6. Fees associated with celebrations related to the homecoming for active or immediately retiring or returning Bridgton military personnel from global conflicts may be fully waived upon written request to the Recreation Director, whose decision may be appealed to the Board of Selectmen.

7. A custodial fee of at least $50 shall be charged for events which, in the opinion of the Recreation Director, require custodial service. This may be billed after the event when the need for the service becomes apparent.

8. Any other exemptions not listed in this schedule are no longer available to any applicant.d in this schedule are no longer available to any applicant.