A warming center has been set up at the Bridgton Community Center, 15 Depot Street, Bridgton, beginning Wednesday, November 28, 2018 through Thursday, November 29, 2018 open 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., for people to take refuge from the cold.

The Bridgton Community Center is a pet friendly facility.   For more information please call the Bridgton Community Center at 207-647-3116.

Notice Public Hearing and Intent to File a Waste Discharge Permit Modification – Tuesday, December 11, 2018



December 11, 2018


Downstairs Meeting Room

Iredale Street entrance to the Municipal Building addressed at 3 Chase Street


The Municipal Officers of the Town of Bridgton will hold a Public Hearing at 5:30p.m. Tuesday, December 11, 2018 in the Downstairs Meeting Room located at 10 Iredale Street in Bridgton, Maine to take both written and oral comments regarding the Town’s intent to file a wastewater discharge permit modification application with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (“MDEP”).

The Town in compliance with 38MRSA has notified the abutters of the proposed public hearing and filing.

A copy of the application will be made available for public inspection at the Town Office during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.  The Town intends on submitting the application to MDEP the week of December 17, 2018.

Bridgton’s rebranding campaign puts it on the map with young home buyers

So does branding really work?

Well, the town of Bridgton, ME, about 40 miles from the city of Portland, came up with the warm and fuzzy tagline “Love Always, Bridgton,” after working with PR firm Black Fly Media. The town of roughly 5,000 has an aging population, about half of them 45 or older, and about one-third of all homes are seasonal or second homes. Town leaders wanted to attract more year-round young families to keep the town vital.

A series of in-depth interviews with residents, business people, and town officials revealed that the town’s most cherished assets were its lakes, streams, and ski area, Shawnee Peak, and its affordability relative to Portland, says Black Fly Media’s Nelson.

“The most predominant thing that kept coming up is that people loved the town, for different reasons,” Nelson says.

Read the whole article here:



Notice of a Public Hearing – Saunders Mills LLC December 12, 2018

Town of Bridgton

Planning Board – Public Hearing

Saunders Mills, LLC

December 12, 2018 – 6:00 p.m.

Downstairs Meeting Room, Iredale Street entrance to the Municipal Building addressed at 3 Chase Street


The Bridgton Planning Board will conduct a Public Hearing on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room off Iredale Street in the Municipal Building addressed at Three Chase Street, Suite 1, Bridgton, Maine to consider the following application: Hotel Bridgton Submitted by Saunders Mills, LLC, 12 Bacon St., Bridgton, Maine 04009, Map 22 Lot 85, 86, 70


The application is available for viewing at the Bridgton Town Office Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m., to 4:00 p.m. All interested individuals are invited to attend at the above place and time to present any comments. The Board reserves the right to conduct any other routine business as necessary.

Pondicherry Park Stewardship Committee Vacancy

Town of Bridgton
Pondicherry Park Stewardship Committee Vacancy

The Town of Bridgton is accepting applications for an individual to serve on the Pondicherry Park Stewardship Committee. Residents interested in representing Bridgton should submit a Committee Application to the Town of Bridgton, 3 Chase Street, Suite 1, Bridgton no later than November 21, 2018.

Applications are available at the Town Office and may be downloaded HERE.

Request for Bids – Generators

TOWN OF BRIDGTON seeks bids for:

Public Works Garage Generator & Old Town Hall Generator

31 Willett Road & 26 N. High Street
Bridgton, ME 04009

November 30, 2018-2:00pm

May 15, 2019

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 -9am at 31 Willett Road,
then immediately following at 26 N. High Street.

Download the complete Bid / Proposal  Package HERE.




The Town of Bridgton seeks bid proposals for (1) generator for the Bridgton’s Public Works garage and (1) generator for the Old Town Hall, totaling two (2) generators.  All respondents must attend the pre-bid meeting and adhere to the submittal process for their proposal or bid to be considered.  Unless otherwise indicated, no electronic version of a proposal or bid shall be accepted, only hard copies.

All sealed submittals shall be clearly marked and sent to:

Todd Perreault, EMA Director

Generator Bid

8 Iredale Street

Bridgton, Maine 04009

Pre-Bid meetings is Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 31 Willett Road, then immediately following at 26 N. High street.

 Bids must be received no later than 2:00PM on November 30, 2018, at which time all proposals shall be opened.

The Town reserves the right to waive any informalities in the proposal process and will award the contract(s) based upon those proposals that meet and are in the best interest of the Town of Bridgton.

Inquiries should be directed to Todd Perreault, EMA Director at 207-647-8814.  Download the complete Bid / Proposal  Package HERE.

Public Notice – town cemetery clean up




All baskets, pots, flowers, wreaths, and other temporary grave decorations must be removed from all Bridgton town-maintained cemeteries by Monday, October 15, 2018.

Thank you, Jim Kidder, Public Works Director

Bridgton Awarded $11.5M in grants to Complete Three Critical Infrastructure Improvements

BRIDGTON, MAINE — October 1, 2018 —  The Town of Bridgton has been awarded significant funding to offset the costs for three major infrastructure improvements needed in town. The first is a replacement of the aging wastewater system, which has been failing since 2014. The other two projects include restoration and repair of two sections of Main Street. Municipal leaders applied for grants and loans from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Rural Development, United States Development of Agriculture (USDA) and have successfully reduced overall burden to taxpayers with a grant award for $11M for the wastewater project. The Maine Department of Transportation awarded the town $500,000 for the Main Street project.

“We’ve known for some time that the wastewater system is in critical need of replacement and we are very relieved to get this large grant,” says Bob Peabody, Bridgton Town Manager. Recent tests show that private systems are contaminating parts of Stevens Brook – threatening water quality and public safety. The Town’s system needs significant repairs and the DEP says it’s at risk for license violations. Peabody is concerned that if voters don’t approve Question 1 in November the Town will lose the federal funding and residents will end up footing the entire $22.8M price tag. The grant funding currently in place will cover 48-percent of this project’s total.

In 2017, The Town of Bridgton launched a marketing campaign to attract new businesses and year round residents to town, but has been forced to turn away several major retailers, restauranteurs and business because the failing wastewater system is operating at capacity.

“We have plans to develop a senior living campus in Bridgton but we cannot move forward unless the wastewater system is improved,” said Lon Walters, owner of Woodlands Senior Living, a Waterville-based senior and assisted living provider.” Walters says the communities to be built would serve 136 residents and create up to 80 new, permanent jobs in Bridgton.

Two other questions on Bridgton’s November ballot have also received significant state grant money. Two Main Street projects that will improve drainage systems and lighting, implement traffic calming measures, restore crumbling, legally non-compliant sidewalks on both Lower and Upper Main Street have received $500,000 from the Maine Department of Transportation. The improvements are dually aimed at improving safety and accessibility, while stimulating aesthetics to improve economic development. A petition supporting the projects circulated Main Street businesses and garnered several dozens of signatures.

For Deb Snyder, PhD, needed improvements on lower Main Street are a safety concern, adding that “it’s challenging and sometimes dangerous” for her wheelchair-bound daughter to get around on lower Main Street. Snyder, founding director of the HeartGlow Center, a special needs non-profit on Lower Main says the road and sidewalks have been neglected for years and repairs need to be done. “Storm drains are crumbling, potholes are problematic and the walk signals are too short to make it across Route 302 fast enough.”

The town put all three questions on the ballot in hopes that voters will approval all three together. Project engineers say simultaneous construction will create efficiencies that save money in labor and paving costs, and will minimize construction disruptions. Voters will decide each question individually.

To complete all three projects, the cost per household will be less than $100 dollars per year on a home valued at $150,000, according to Bridgton’s Assessor’s Agent. The cost breakdown, per $150k of value is $53 for Question 1; $31 for Question 2 (Upper Main) and $14 for Question 3 (Lower Main).

“The stars have aligned in Bridgton, as we have this impressive financial assistance package in place so for less than $100-dollars per year, residents will get more than $27M in capital improvements,” Peabody adds “the time is now for us to complete these long discussed projects.”

About Bridgton: Settled in 1770, Bridgton is now home to a 67-acre park right downtown, abundant water access, and regional destinations including Shawnee Peak, a handful of camping/RV sites, children’s camps, a drive-in theatre, a golf course, Bridgton Academy and Bridgton Hospital.

Press Inquiries: Diana Nelson, Black Fly Media, 978.985.9993

Request for Bids

Town of Bridgton, Maine

Bridgton Community Ice Rink


 MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING:  9:00 AM, Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

SEALED BIDS DUE:  3:00 PM, Thursday, October 11, 2018

 Sealed proposals are being accepted for the Town of Bridgton, Bridgton Community Ice Rink Project (the “Project”), which consists of obtaining competitive bids from responsible and responsive Contractors to;

Make structural repairs to the building warming room addition to include selective demolition and disposal, light excavation, concrete piers, support wall reconstruction. Interior demolition and repairs, subflooring, painting, dressing room partitions, door replacement.

Warming room metal roof flashing repairs and sheathing/insulation upgrades.

Interior high bay LED lighting upgrades to include electrical wiring.

Installation of gable exhaust ventilator fans and related wiring and controls.

Alternates for siding choices, finish flooring and ventilation controls.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on Tuesday October 2nd, 2018 9:00 AM at the Bridgton Community Ice Rink 26 North High Street, Bridgton, ME 04009 to examine the work site. The site is behind the Bridgton Old Town Hall on 26 North High Street.  Attendance at this meeting by the Contractor or the Contractor’s qualified representative is a mandatory prerequisite for the acceptance of a bid from that Contractor.

Complete written bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes plainly marked, “Town of Bridgton, Bridgton Community Ice Rink” to:

Brenda Day, Administrative Assistant

3 Chase Street

Bridgton, ME 04009

not later than 3:00 PM Thursday October 11, 2018, at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Except as provided herein, the Town shall award the contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.  To be considered responsive, bidders must provide enough information with their bids to constitute a definite, firm, unqualified, and unconditional offer.

For contract bid documents, including plans and specifications click here or by e-mail request to Brenda Day (



With a forecast in the 90’s with high humidity for the next two days a cooling center has been set up at the Bridgton Community Center, 15 Depot Street, Bridgton, beginning Tuesday, August 28, 2018 through Wednesday, August 29, 2018 open 9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., for people to take refuge from the heat.

A pet friendly facility. For more information please call the Bridgton Community Center at 207-647-3116.

Notice of a Public Hearing – Willis Brook Ordinance August 29 2018

Notice of a Public Hearing
Planning Board
Proposed Willis Brook Aquifer Ordinance revision

August 29, 2018
Downstairs Meeting Room
Iredale Street entrance to the Municipal Building addressed at 3 Chase Street

The Town of Bridgton Planning board will hold a public hearing on a proposed Willis Brook Aquifer ordinance revision. The hearing is on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 6PM in the downstairs meeting room off Iredale Street in the Municipal Building addressed at 3 Chase Street.

Striking a middle ground: Arborist to inventory, evaluate Pondicherry Park trees

Everyone wants Pondicherry Park to be a safe place to enjoy a walk or run while experiencing nature’s beauty.

Mary Jewett, Lakes Environmental Association’s teacher/naturalist, and Heather Rorer, Loon Echo Land Trust conservation outreach manager, also want to keep the intown forest in a natural state.

So, finding a solution on how to address several hazardous trees along pathways, as well as off the beaten trails, was the question posed at a joint workshop last Wednesday.

Selectmen hosted the session, which included Pondicherry Park Stewardship Committee members (attending were Richard Bennett, Brian Cushing, Dan Edwards, Allen Erler and Jewett), foresters Shane Dugan and Jack Wadsworth and Loon Echo’s Heather Rorer.

To read the entire article:

Highland Lake Beach Testing


Highland Lake Beach Testing
Town of Bridgton
Wednesday, August 1st,

This morning we received the test results for the water at Highland Lake Beach. The testing found that the water’s e.coliform count was well below the acceptable limit and Highland Lake Beach will be reopening.

We were made aware of this issue by our routine water testing and we will continue to monitor our public beaches on a regular basis till Labor Day to keep them safe for public use.

We will be opening Highland Lake Beach for swimming immediately.

Highland Lake Beach Closing

Highland Lake Beach Closing
Town of Bridgton
Friday August 10, 2018

Testing performed on 8/09 has indicated an e.coliform count above the acceptable limit at Highland Lake Beach. We will be closing Highland Lake Beach immediately to swimming. Highland Lake Beach will remain open for picnicking and the boat launch will also stay open. The Town will send out samples to be tested  on Monday and will post the results of the testing once we receive them.