Government of Cumberland County, Maine

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May 26, 2020

Cumberland County EMA Seeks Public Participation in Hazard Mitigation Survey

Survey will guide Agency in planning response to local emergencies

PORTLAND — The Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency is seeking public participation in a Hazard Mitigation Survey.  The purpose of the Five Year Hazard Mitigation Plan is for each municipality to review its priorities for reducing the severity or seriousness of a hazard, and to look for ways the County can assist the communities.

Mitigation planning improves the speed of recovery and redevelopment efforts; it helps the region to qualify for additional grant funding in both the pre- and post-disaster environment; and it is an important component in complying with federal and state requirements for local hazard mitigation plans.

Cumberland County has not experienced as many severe disasters as other parts of the country have, but the region does face the potential for natural disasters to occur. The Hazard Mitigation plan addresses these natural hazards, such as flooding and wind storms. Other hazards, such as technological hazards (chemical release), human-caused hazards (terrorism), or public health emergencies (pandemics) are addressed in other plans.

As Cumberland County EMA completes the Hazard Mitigation Plan’s five-year update, the Agency is asking for feedback from County residents.  Residents of Cumberland County know the local hazards best, so EMA is asking to hear directly from them. The Agency has developed a brief survey for residents, business owners, and community partners to share what concerns them the most about potential disasters. The survey can be found at

Survey responses will be accepted until June 30, 2020 at 4pm. Answers will help the Planning Committee prioritize the community’s concerns and questions about the Hazard Mitigation Plan, guide discussions during the revision process, and direct future outreach and education programs.

For more information regarding Hazard Mitigation, please visit the CCEMA’s website.