It is time for the Town of Bridgton to update the 2014 Comprehensive Plan. The Community Development Department is calling for community members to join a task force that will create a resilient, sustainable, and equitable 2024 comprehensive plan that will guide us through the next ten years. For more information on the process, please review the Maine State Planning Office’s Comprehensive Planning: A Manual for Maine Communities.

 If you’re interested in taking part in this important task over the next two years, please fill out this form.

“The Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Act brought an explicit, new dimension to municipal comprehensive plans: prevent development sprawl. To achieve that goal, comprehensive plans must direct most of the anticipated growth to areas of town designated as “growth” areas, and away from “rural” areas. This is at the heart of the law: to find ways to continue to build neighborhoods and commercial centers where they make the most sense in order to accommodate and stimulate economic growth, and, at the same time, conserve large rural territories as working landscapes and natural gems.”

-Comprehensive Planning: A Manual for Maine Communities, p. xi. Maine State Planning Office 2005