2019 November Election Schedule

Thursday, June 27th New policy by Board of Selectmen (adopted 4/23/2019): Non-citizen initiated referendum questions to be submitted to Board of Selectmen 2 months prior to deadline (state deadline: 8/27/2019).
Tuesday, August 27th ► Orders by Board of Selectmen for Placement of Referendum Questions on Ballot (last meeting prior to September 6th )

[MRS Title 30A § 2528.5]

Friday, September 6th ► Deadline for Voters to Submit Petitions for Placement on Referendum Ballot and/or Article on ATM Warrant (minimum 263 valid signatures required)

[MRS Title 30A § 2528.5]

Sunday, October 6th

Friday, October 4th

► Absentee Ballots (for November 6th Election) Available at Town Clerk’s Office

[MRS Title 21A § 752 / MRS Title 21A § 6]

Tuesday, October 22nd ► Board to Conduct Public Hearing on Referendum Questions

[MRS Title 30A § 2528.5]

Tuesday, November 5th

Polls Open 8AM – 8PM

► Election Day