HAZY, HOT AND HUMID!! With a forecast in the 90’s with high humidity for the next several days a cooling center has been set up at the Bridgton Community Center, 15 Depot Street, Bridgton, beginning Friday, July 19, 2019 through Sunday, July 21, 2019 open 9:00a.m. to 4:00p.m., for people to take refuge from the heat. A pet friendly facility. For more information please call the Bridgton Community Center at 207-647-3116.

For more information on expected temps, how to identify heat-related health emergencies, and how to stay cool click HERE.

Planning Board Public Notice

On Sunday, July 14, 2019 there will be a gathering with 3 or more Planning Board members.  Although there will be a quorum of members present, no official business will be conducted.

Brenda Day

Planning Board Secretary

Planning Board Public Hearing-July 18, 2019

 Land Use Ordinance Amendments



July 18, 2019

6:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

Downstairs Meeting Room

Iredale Street entrance to the Municipal Building addressed at 3 Chase Street


The Town of Bridgton Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Land Use Ordinance Amendments.  The hearing is on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 6 PM in the downstairs meeting room off Iredale Street in the Municipal Office Building addressed at 3 Chase Street. For a copy of the draft ordinance please click here.

Annual Board Training


On Thursday, July 11, 2019 beginning at 4:00p.m. at the Bridgton Town Office, 10 Iredale Street, Bridgton, Maine there will be a legal training for the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Appeals Board which may also include members of various other Committees.  Although there will be a quorum of members present representing each Board or Committee, no official business will be conducted.

Georgiann M. Fleck, Deputy Town Manager
Town of Bridgton

Junior Harmon Ball Field Re-Dedication Ceremony

Sunday July 14, 2019 4:45PM (or 15min before the U12 Championship Game)

Jr Harmon Ball Field is hosting the Maine State Babe Ruth Softball Championships this weekend, Friday July 12th – Sunday July 14th.  Before the U12 Championship game on Sunday, July 14th, there will be a re-dedication ceremony to recognize the completion of the Jr Harmon Ball Field renovations as well as recognize Jr Harmon for the all the years he spent on the field as a coach, and as the volunteer that prepped the field for the local baseball league for years.

Bridgton Recreation Department will present his family with the original “Jr Harmon Field” sign to keep as a memento to Junior.  One of Junior’s family members will throw out the first pitch before the 12 and Under championship game. This will take place, if there is no weather delays, at 4:45PM at Junior Harmon Ball Field.

We would like to invite all of you down to the Ball Field on Sunday to be a part of the ceremony, maybe watch a great championship game, eat a burger and some fries from the newly renovated snack shack, and check out all the updates at the Ball Field. The Bridgton News plans to attend and get great pictures of the event and the more people the better!!

A big thanks to Public Works, Jeff Frye, Eric Wisseman, Main Line Fencing, and everyone else for of the hours put into this field all spring. Their flexibility, ability to work together, and attention to detail is why this project met its deadlines to be completed for this big league State Tournament weekend!!

Gary Colello
Bridgton Director of Recreation
Andy Valley Softball President

Wastewater Expansion Project – Test Boring: Mon July 8 – Thurs July 11

Engineers will be completing soil borings throughout Bridgton in the roadway for proposed lines in connection with the new proposed waste water treatment facility/sewer system. They are performing shallow borings, up to 15 feet in depth in 50 locations throughout Bridgton.  Map of proposed locations may be found HERE.

• Day One – Monday, 7/8 – Start at the intersection of Oak Street and Main Street at the eastern end of the probes. Complete all of Main Street and Depot Street probes.
• Day Two – Tuesday, 7/9 – Start at the intersection of High Street and Hospital Drive. Complete High Street, Pleasant Street, Creamery Street, Fowler Street, Walker Street, & Church Street
• Day Three – Wednesday, 7/10 – Start at the intersection of Highland Road and Kennard Street. Complete Kennard, Bacon, Wayside, Nutty, Elm, Bennett, Iredale, McIntyre, & Meadow Street. Complete Frances Bell Drive if time permits.
• Day Four – Thursday, 7/11 -Start either on Frances Bell Drive or Portland Road and progress north to south.

2020 Police Cruiser BID/Proposal Package


Attention: for Addendum dated July 11, 2019 please click here.

The Town of Bridgton is seeking proposals for the provision of one (1) 2020 Police Cruiser.

Sealed proposals must be received by the Office of the Chief of Police no later than Friday, August 2, 2019 at 2:00 PM at which time all proposals shall be opened.

The Town reserves the right to waive any informalities in the proposal process and will award the contract(s) based upon those proposals that meet and are in the best interest of the Town of Bridgton.

Inquiries should be directed to Richard Stillman, Chief of Police
at 207-647-8815 or

Richard Stillman
Chief of Police

Terms, General Conditions and Instructions

The Town of Bridgton seeks bid proposals for one (1) 2020 Police Cruiser. All respondents must adhere to the submittal process for their proposal or bid to be considered. Unless otherwise indicated, no electronic version of a proposal or bid shall be accepted, only fax and hard copies. Unless otherwise indicated all submittals shall be to:

The Office of the Chief of Police
Town of Bridgton
8 Iredale Street,
Bridgton, Maine 04009

Respondents shall be solely responsible to assure the completeness of their proposals. No addendums will be accepted once the deadline has been declared. All submittal shall become the property of the Town of Bridgton unless otherwise approved by the Town.

The Town of Bridgton has created the bid/proposal package. It should consist of the first section which outlines the general information and details of the process. The second section should contain the complete product or service specifications. Additional sections may be included as the Town determines. Failure to affirm with the Town receipt of the complete package will be cause to reject a respondent’s bid/proposal if it is incomplete.

The specifications within this package are to be considered as a minimum. No exceptions to these minimum standards will be allowed. The Town has a fleet of Ford police cruisers and has determined that it will continue to use the Ford Police Utility model and will not accept alternative makes or models.

If a bid bond or check has been required, the Town shall retain them until the execution of all necessary contract documents between the Town and the successful respondent. If the successful respondent rejects the award or fails to execute the necessary documents in a timely fashion, the Town, at its sole discretion, may attempt to enter into an agreement with the next lowest respondent or reject all bids and start the process over and shall keep their bid bond or check to cover the costs of re-advertisement, changes in pricing as a result of the delay and to cover the costs of the Town associated with re-starting the process over again.

Unless otherwise indicated by the Town, a respondent may use their own forms and format to prepare their proposal or bid. Each proposal must clearly indicate the name of the company and the person who is authorized to make such a proposal. If more than one entity is involved in the same proposal, then all of the company names, corporate addresses, emails, contact numbers and other pertinent information must be included in the proposal or bid. Each proposal or bid must address every element of the Town’s specifications or a full disclosure by the respondent as to which specifications were not met and why.

All proposals shall be delivered in a sealed package properly identifying the proposal or bid’s purpose ie. “Police Department Cruiser”.

Periodically, the Town may issue an addendum to its bid/proposal package and at its sole discretion may choose to extend the deadline for all bids/proposals.

Respondents are invited to attend the opening of all sealed proposals on the date and time and at the location indicated in the public notices.

A declaration of an apparent low bidder or successful bidder does not constitute the award of the bid. The award shall be made only after a thorough review of the proposal or bid and the actions by the Select Board. The final decision to make an award shall rest with the Bridgton Board of Selectmen. Their decision shall be final.

If a performance or materials bond is required it shall be presented to the Town after an award is made and before any notice to proceed is issued.

Selection of the successful proposal or bid shall, in part, be based upon the completeness of the submittal, the quality and price of the item(s), the reputation of the respondent and the ability of the respondent to meet all deadlines for delivery of the item(s). In some cases it may be deemed necessary to negotiate with the respondents to assure the Town receives the item(s) it expects.

A brief and precise narrative of the company or companies (if more than one are working together on the bid/proposal) shall be included indicating the background and other municipalities that were supplied the goods or services being proposed.

The Town of Bridgton reserves the right to reject any and all proposals or bids, to waive any formalities in the process and to ultimately make a selection that it deems is in the best interest of the Town of Bridgton.


In some of the Town’s solicitations, special conditions shall apply. If any are required they shall appear here.

Payment Terms:

The Town of Bridgton will pay the final bid price at the time of receipt of the vehicle with title. No financing will be required for this purchase.

Warranty and Guarantee:

All warranty and guarantee information, whether it be provided by the manufacturer or dealer, must be included in the bid/proposal package. Where the Town has specified the duration of such, the detailed information must be included and any variations from the Town’s request must be clearly identified with an explanation including any alternative.

Plans, Drawings, Manufacturer’s Specifications:

Included in the bid/proposal shall be the vehicle specifications that further detail the products conformity to the Town’s bid/proposal request. Such documents that relate to the maintenance and operations of the vehicle must also be included.



Police Utility Patrol Vehicle suitable for Patrol/Emergency Use
2020 Ford Utility Police Interceptor

 Black with White Doors (Factory wrapped)
 Dark Color Interior
 All Wheel Drive
 Cloth Front Bucket Seats, Vinyl Bench Rear seat
 Heavy duty rubber floor covering
 Power Driver Seat including lumbar support
 ENGINE 3.7 Liter TI-VCT V6
 304 HP @ 6250 rpm
 75 MPH rear crash tested
 Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission with external oil cooler
 High output alternator & Heavy-Duty Battery
 Heavy Duty suspension components (Springs, Shocks, Sway Bars)
 Advance Trac Stability Control
 4-wheel disc ABS brakes
 Five (5) p245, 55 R18, BSW tires, full size spare
 Wheels, (5) heavy duty steel wheel 18”
 Heavy duty power steering with external oil cooler
 Center hub caps
 SYNC Basic with Bluetooth 53M
 Police pre-wire package for lights, radio, siren, etc. 60A
 Radio noise suppression package
 Certified calibrated speedometer
 Driver side mounted spotlight – Whelen LED Bulb
 Interior door activated courtesy lights disabled
 Power windows & door locks w/driver control
 Tilt steering wheel
 Electric rear defogger
 Air conditioning (front only)
 Tinted window glass
 Engine gauge package – oil, amp, water
 AM/FM Radio w/Clock
 Dual heated power outside rear view mirrors
 Front & Rear splash guards
 Key FOBs and keyed alike 1284X 59B
 Setina push bumper PB450L
 Trailer hitch – Class II
 Automobile headlight switch/front head lamp solution 66A
 Courtesy lights disabled – Dark car feature
 Rear door handles inoperable/locks inoperable
 Rear windows power delete, operable from drivers’ position only
 5-year 100,000-mile LTD powertrain warranty

Joint Press Release – Salmon Point Road Settlement Agreement

The Town of Bridgton and the residents of Salmon Point Road are pleased to announce that they have reached a solution to resolve the pending litigation at Salmon Point Road.

The Town of Bridgton has constructed a public footpath parallel to the private portion of Salmon Point Road, physically separated from the private way by a split-rail fence, that will offer safe access to the public beaches at Salmon Point from the available public parking. In conjunction with the recently finished public parking lot, the footpath is part of the Town of Bridgton’s ongoing commitment to improving access to public resources and protecting the historic use and rights of local residents as more people discover the allure and natural beauty of Bridgton’s beaches and lakes.

As shown below, the path extends from the public parking lot adjacent to Salmon Point Campground to the public beaches at Salmon Point and will be maintained by the Town of Bridgton for this purpose. Further, signage will be posted directing visitors to use the footpath. As a result, both residents and visitors at Salmon Point will continue to enjoy access to the beauty of Salmon Point and Long Lake as we head into the summer season.

The Town has completed the gravel path so that visitors can safely access the public beaches and Salmon Point. In addition, new signage will be erected by the Town of Bridgton identifying the private portion of Salmon Point Road as a Private Way. While the two pre-existing handicapped spaces at Salmon Point will be maintained, the use of the private portion of Salmon Point Road will be limited to licensed or placarded handicap vehicles.

In a joint statement, both the residents of Salmon Point Road and the Town of Bridgton stated that “the agreement strikes a well-measured balance between providing access to the public facilities at Salmon Point while preserving the historic use of Salmon Point Road by local residents. We are happy to have been able to come up with an amicable solution that will increase the safety, accessibility and beauty of Bridgton’s public spaces for years to come.”

November Election Schedule

2019 November Election Schedule

Thursday, June 27th New policy by Board of Selectmen (adopted 4/23/2019): Non-citizen initiated referendum questions to be submitted to Board of Selectmen 2 months prior to deadline (state deadline: 8/27/2019).
Tuesday, August 27th ► Orders by Board of Selectmen for Placement of Referendum Questions on Ballot (last meeting prior to September 6th )

[MRS Title 30A § 2528.5]

Friday, September 6th ► Deadline for Voters to Submit Petitions for Placement on Referendum Ballot and/or Article on ATM Warrant (minimum 263 valid signatures required)

[MRS Title 30A § 2528.5]

Sunday, October 6th

Friday, October 4th

► Absentee Ballots (for November 6th Election) Available at Town Clerk’s Office

[MRS Title 21A § 752 / MRS Title 21A § 6]

Tuesday, October 22nd ► Board to Conduct Public Hearing on Referendum Questions

[MRS Title 30A § 2528.5]

Tuesday, November 5th

Polls Open 8AM – 8PM

► Election Day

Request for Bids-Harmon Field Snack Shack

Town of Bridgton, Maine

Harmon Field Snack Shack


MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING: 9:00 AM, Monday, April 22nd, 2019

SEALED BIDS DUE: 3:00 PM, Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

Sealed proposals are being accepted for the Town of Bridgton, Harmon Field Snack Shack Project (the “Project”), which consists of obtaining competitive bids from responsible and responsive Contractors to;

This project involves renovations, maintenance and improvements to the existing snack shack/press box building. This building is a slab on grade with CMU block walls, and wood frame second floor and roof structure. The intent is to improve the snack shack food preparation area functionality and inventory storage. To freshen up the exterior, address safety concerns in terms of stairs, handrails, balusters, and tread risers. The second-floor press box will be improved as well with improved first baseline line of sight viewing.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on Monday April 22nd, 2019 9:00 AM at the Harmon Field Snack Shack corner of Lower Main and Oak Street, Bridgton, ME 04009 to examine the work site. Attendance at this meeting by the Contractor or the Contractor’s qualified representative is a mandatory prerequisite for the acceptance of a bid from that Contractor.

Complete written bids shall be submitted in sealed envelopes plainly marked, “Town of Bridgton, Harmon Field Snack Shack” to:

Brenda Day, Administrative Assistant

3 Chase Street

Bridgton, ME 04009

not later than 3:00 PM Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at which time the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Except as provided herein, the Town shall award the contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. To be considered responsive, bidders must provide enough information with their bids to constitute a definite, firm, unqualified, and unconditional offer.

Contract bid documents, including plans and specifications, are available HERE or by e-mail request to Brenda Day (

Addendum #1 Click HERE.


Proposed Hannaford Supermarket Expansion Pavement Milling-May 1st and 2nd, 2019

Hannaford Supermarket will be performing pavement milling on the nights of Wednesday, May 1st, 2019 and Thursday, May 2, 2019 from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. A rain delay will push the work forward one night. By completing the pavement milling work at night, this will limit impacts to store operations and customers by maintaining parking during the day, and maximizing safety. Thank you for your patience during this time frame.


The Town of Bridgton is requesting proposals for annual auditing services for a (3) three-year contract
period beginning June 30, 2019. All bids are to be mailed to the Town of Bridgton, 3 Chase St., Suite 1,
Bridgton, ME, 04009, in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Bid: Request for Auditing Services – DO
NOT OPEN UNTIL MAY 10, 2019” and received by 2:00 PM on Friday, May 10, 2019. Faxed or emailed
bids will NOT be accepted, nor proposals received after that date and time. Bids will be opened @
2:00 PM on May 10, 2019, and formally awarded by the Town Manager by May 15, 2019.
A copy of the complete RFP and bid specifications may be obtained HERE or by contacting the Finance Officer at . The Town of Bridgton reserves the right to reject any and all bids and
is not required to accept the lowest bidder if determined to be in the best interest of the Town.