Road Conditions & Reporting Notice

Due to the recent heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding, we are experiencing numerous road washouts and impassable road conditions throughout our community. We urge all residents and commuters to exercise extreme caution while traveling and adhere to the following guidelines:

• If your road is impassible or you have encountered a road that is impassible, please shelter in place or turn around and report it to the Town office at:
207-647-8786, email directly to the Public Services Assistant at, or you can always report using the online reporting form on our website.

• If you are in immediate danger or require emergency assistance, please dial 911.

• Do not attempt to drive through flooded roads or areas with visible water over the road. The depth and strength of the water may be deceptive, and it may pose a significant danger to your safety.

• Please follow any posted detour routes and observe all traffic signs and signals.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to address these challenging conditions. Our crews and Maine DOT are working diligently to assess, and repair affected roadways as quickly and safely as possible.