Daily Construction Update for Tuesday, September 11, 2019

A new catch basin was installed Wednesday at the intersection with Chase Street. Additional construction crews installed frames and grates on all the catch basins that have been installed so far. Thursday, crews will be installing a new catch basin at the entrance to the Town parking lot just west of the Bridgton House of Pizza (BHOP). Please anticipate that this entrance into the parking lot may be closed during this construction. You can still access the parking lot via the Key Bank driveway or the entrance to the Municipal lot off Chase Street.

If time permits, they will also begin installing drainage along the northern curb east of BHOP down towards the traffic signal. This will require temporary closure of the on-street parking along this stretch of curb. That will complete the majority of the drainage construction.

The contractor is planning on paving around the new catch basins on Friday.

Colin Dinsmore, PE
HEB Engineers, Inc