Daily Construction Update for Thursday, September 5, 2019

Two new catch basins and a drain manhole were installed Thursday as part of the storm drainage system upgrades at the intersection with Church Street and at the intersection with Depot Street by the Magic Lantern. On Friday, some additional drainage structures will be installed in the sidewalk along the park across the street from the Rufus Porter museum and also in front of the Ruby Food restaurant. The sidewalks and a few parking spaces (by Ruby Food) will be closed in both of these areas during the construction, but will reopen at the end of the day. The contractor is also hoping to pave the road in a few spots where it has been dug up to install drainage this week.

The contractor will continue to install storm drainage upgrades throughout Main Street next week. The exact locations of where the work will happen on each day is a little tricky to forecast but we will continue to update as the work progresses and we learn more.

Colin Dinsmore, PE
HEB Engineers, Inc