(effective June 1, 2020)

 Total customers allowed in building: 5

Total non-employee attendees in Selectboard Meeting Room: 5

Selectboard Meeting Room meetings: Maximum of 15 attendees. Face masks will be required (Executive Order #49 FY 19/20).

All visitors are required to wear a face mask (Executive Order #49 FY 19/20)

Appointment Only: Code Office (803-9963), Community Development (803-9956), Finance Office (803-9957), Recreation Office 647-1126), Public Services (647-1127), Fire Chief (803-9955), Police Department (647-8814), General Assistance (Tuesday/Thursday 9am-11am) (803-9950), Assessor’s Agent (O’Donnell & Associates, Denis Berube (926-4044), Deputy Town Manager (803-9959), Town Manager (803-9958)

High risk individuals only (over 65 years of age and people with underlaying medical conditions) between 8am and 9am Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Appointments: Please wait outside the exterior entrance for staff

People are encouraged to transact town business on-line or by phone whenever possible