As the construction of the new sewer system begins this spring many residents and businesses will have new sewer services to their property installed. To minimize the disruption when the new sewer will be on the other side of the road from your property a technique that is sometimes used to install the sewer service is directional drilling. This process allows you to install a pipe beneath the road without having to dig up the road. You can bore under the road and connect to the main sewer line without having to trench across the road. The one impact to property owners is that the equipment used will need to set up on your property for a brief period of time to allow for the work to be done. This normally will be for no longer than a day, will require a temporary easement from the owner and the ground will be restored afterwards. The video below will show you how the work is done.

Directional Drilling Video

Any residents who have received Temporary Construction Easement Letters and still have questions about the process please feel free to reach out to Nikki Hamlin, Executive Secretary at or at 207-647-8786 for more information.