At this time residents can expect that the roads will remain unpaved for at least the next several weeks. Sargent plans to come back through and pave each road once the sewer has been completed on multiple streets. In the areas where the water and sewer work is being done, the road will not be paved until both water and sewer work is completed.

Areas that have ongoing sewer work are: Cottage Street, Fowler Street, Walker Street, and Depot Street.

Areas that has ongoing water main work are: Harrison Road and Willet Road

Areas of paving work: Harrison Road, Meadow Street, School Street, Pine Street, and Mechanic Street

Area of draining work: Meadow Street

A field engineer from Woodard and Curran will be going around to each house to confirm the proposed sewer lateral location with the property owner so please be on the look-out for them.

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