Victoria Hill

Community Development Director

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Office (207) 803-9956

Keri Montague

Deputy Director Community Development

Office (207)803-9960

Comprehensive Plan

In 2014, Bridgton voters adopted a Comprehensive Plan for the town, around which much of the current Community Development Department work is focused. You can view the Comprehensive Plan here.

Main Street Streetscape Project – History / Phase I

The early stages of this project were documented on a blog available here.

Phase I of the project was completed on November 10, 2016.  Phase II is now underway.

About Bridgton Community Development

Community Development: “A process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems”  ~United Nations

The Bridgton Community Development Department oversees and directs all planning and development activities.


Economic and Market Analysis Summary click here.

Economic and Market Analysis Full Report click here.

Join the Bridgton Memorial School Ad Hoc Committee

The Town of Bridgton is anticipating accepting ownership of the former Bridgton Memorial School from MSAD 61 in 2023. The Bridgton Memorial School Ad Hoc Committee is being formed to develop potential uses for the Bridgton Memorial School property. The committee will consist of representatives from existing organizations and committees, as well as three members of the public. If you are interested in committing your time to this important committee over the next year, please fill the link below to complete an application. Applications will be reviewed by the Town of Bridgton Selectboard.

Maine Rent Relief Program Now Accepting Applications

MaineHousing has re-opened the state rent relief program. Tenants and landlords can learn more about program rules and submit an application here:



The application process for 2023 is now open. Applications shall fall under the following types of projects/programs: Public Service, Public Infrastructure/Facility, Housing, Downtown Revitalization, or Economic Development. Applications must meet one of two national objectives: serving those with low to moderate income or for the elimination of slum and blight. Applications will be reviewed by staff and forwarded to the Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) for a recommendation, and then forwarded to the Selectboard for approval. For the 2023 Infrastructure project applications click here. For the 2023 Public Service applications click here. For the Excel budget spreadsheet click here. Applicants are encouraged to attend a public workshop with CDAC staff to review requirements and project eligibility. Any questions may be directed to Victoria Hill, Community Development Director for the Town of Bridgton via email to or by calling (207)-595-3560. To learn more about the program, visit the Cumberland County CDBG webpage. 

Streetscape Projects

Main Street Streetscape Project Focus Areas

Main Street Streetscape Project – Phase II

Renovation and improvements to the upper portion of Main Street from Pondicherry Square to the Monument.


Updated design drawing of the portion of roadway near Reny’s (Focus Area 3).  Existing road widths, curbing, striping, and sidewalks are show in red; proposed show in black.

Streetscape Focus Area 2

Streetscape Focus Area 3

Streetscape Focus Area 4

Lower Main & Green St Before

Lower Main & Green St Sketch

Lower Main & Green St After

Lower Main & Forest Ave Before

Lower Main & Forest Ave Sketch

Lower Main & Forest Ave After