Linda LaCroix

Community Development Director

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Courtney Kemp

Administrative Assistant

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Monthly Department Reports

Comprehensive Plan

In 2014, Bridgton voters adopted a Comprehensive Plan for the town, around which much of the current Community Development Department work is focused. You can view the Comprehensive Plan here.

Main Street Streetscape Project – History / Phase I

The early stages of this project were documented on a blog available here.

Phase I of the project was completed on November 10, 2016.  Phase II is now underway.

About Bridgton Community Development

The Bridgton Community Development Department oversees and directs all planning and development activities.

Community Development

“A process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems”  ~United Nations


Economic and Market Analysis Summary click here.

Economic and Market Analysis Full Report click here.

New grant announced by Governor Mills for small employers.

Application period starts Friday, Aug. 21 and ends on Sept. 9, 2020.

Maine Economic Recovery Grant Program_FINAL 8-2020

Maine Economic Recovery Grant Program Summary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v20Aug2020c

Streetscape Projects

Main Street Streetscape Project Focus Areas

Main Street Streetscape Project – Phase II

Renovation and improvements to the upper portion of Main Street from Pondicherry Square to the Monument.

Street Light Details

Bridgton Celebrates! Main Street Ribbon Cutting and Concert


Updated design drawing of the portion of roadway near Reny’s (Focus Area 3).  Existing road widths, curbing, striping, and sidewalks are show in red; proposed show in black.

Streetscape Focus Area 2

Streetscape Focus Area 3

Streetscape Focus Area 4

Lower Main & Green St Before

Lower Main & Green St Sketch

Lower Main & Green St After

Lower Main & Forest Ave Before

Lower Main & Forest Ave Sketch

Lower Main & Forest Ave After