Bridgton has lots of options for hikers, from easy strolls to more challenging terrain. Here are a few can’t-miss places to explore:

Pondicherry Park

About the Park

In 2012, the Town of Bridgton acquired Pondicherry Park from Loon Echo Land Trust with a perpetual conservation easement. Lakes Environmental Association was a partner in this project. Through this collaborative effort, Pondicherry Park was created, consisting of 66 acres of quiet woodlands and 3,200 feet of stream shore in the heart of downtown Bridgton.  The park is a protected landscape of woods, wildlife habitat, wetlands, and streams attracting people to low-impact recreation, education, and study – a unique public treasure in the center of town.

  • Park Entrances

    1. Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge off Depot Street
      The Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge, designed by Andy Buck and constructed by a team of local craftspeople, serves as the main entrance to the park from the public parking lot on Depot Street (behind the Magic Lantern).  This remarkable 60-foot structure is an adaptation of the traditional covered bridge that highlights the exemplary talents of the late Bob Dunning, a Bridgton preservation craftsman.
    2. Ham Foundation Bridge near the Stevens Brook School
      The Kendal and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation Bridge is located behind the Stevens Brook Elementary School and former Bridgton Memorial School.  This bridge, constructed by Great Northern Docks, allows students quick access to the park to learn about the natural world. The Carol and David Hancock Charitable Trust outdoor amphitheater is located just beyond the bridge.
    3. Willett Road at Willett Brook
    4. South High Street near the Congregational Church
    5. South High Street across from Bridgton Hospital

  • Park Rules

    • Park hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
    • Bicycles are not allowed in the park and can be left at the entryways.
    • Dogs are allowed only on the designated trail and they must be leashed. Dog owners are responsible for all waste removal.
    • Camping and camp fires are not allowed.
    • Hunting is prohibited by local ordinance.
    • There is a carry-in, carry-out policy. Visitors are asked to help remove any litter they may find.
    • Please stay on marked trails.
    • Please do not disturb plants or wildlife, and please do not feed the wildlife.
    • Please respect the quiet and serene nature of the park.

  • Park Map

Other Lands Open to the Public

Pleasant Mountain Preserve, Bald Pate Mountain Preserve, The Stone Preserve, Sebago Headwaters Preserve, Perley Mills Community Forest

In addition to town-owned Pondicherry Park, Bridgton is also home to several public areas owned and preserved by Loon Echo Land Trust (LELT). For details on these properties, check out their website.