Task Force

Ken Gibbs, Chair
27 Millbrook Road

Mary Tworog
4 Hillcrest Avenue
(207) 595-7977

Christine Baillargeon
6 Hillcrest Avenue
(207) 749-6460

Lega Medcalf
514 Hio Ridge Road
(207) 647-2366

Elizabeth McAvoy
45 Frost Farm Road
(978) 395-6779

Matt Markot
8 Depot Street
(207) 647-4352

Therese Johnson
478 Upper Ridge Road
(207) 647-5651

Joshua Quint

Angie Cook, Chamber of Commerce Director
257 Main Street
(207) 647-3472

Al Bottone
14 Conforte Hill Road
(207) 639-5349

Suzanne Schrader
2 Hoyts Ridge Road
(772) 607-1939

Michael Davis
12 North High Street
(207) 461-2797

Development Team

Tori Hill, Community Development Director
3 Chase Street, Suite 1
(207) 803-9956

Gary Colello, Recreation Director
26 North High Street
(207) 647-1126

Georgiann Fleck, Deputy Town Manager
3 Chase Street, Suite 1
(207) 803-9959

Paul A. Tworog, Select Board Liaison
4 Hillcrest Avenue
(207) 595-8209

Kenneth J. Murphy, Select Board Liaison
72 North Road
(207) 242-9417

Comprehensive Plan 2025!

The Town of Bridgton is working with BerryDunn to develop a new Comprehensive Plan!

Check out the new Comprehensive Plan Project Website and share your thoughts!

View our current Comprehensive Plan here.

MISSION: The 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update Task Force is being formed to assist the Town (under the wing of the Community Development Office) in updating the 2014 Comprehensive Plan. The update is required every ten years under the State of Maine’s Growth Management Program MRS Title 30-A Chapter 187 Planning & Land Use Regulation. The overarching legislative goal for the Comprehensive Plan is “to encourage orderly growth and development in appropriate areas of each community and region while protecting the State’s rural character, making efficient use of public services and preventing development sprawl.”

CHARGE: Through multi-dimensional research, assessment, and proactive two-way communication with town leadership, town residents, businesses, and non-profits will assemble and report on current circumstances, statistics, issues and impacts for each of the required topics under the Comprehensive Plan to support the development of an equitable, sustainable, forward-looking, updated and relevant growth plan for the ensuing ten years. The focus is on infrastructure, services, and community wellbeing under the lens of sustainability, resilience, and equity. The primary deliverable of the updated Comprehensive Plan is the Future Land Use Map designating rural, transitional, and growth areas, building the foundation upon which a new or revised zoning map  will be based.

AUTHORITY: The Task Force is formed to perform the single defined task described herein and other such actions that support the Charge. The expectation is that the group will disband at the conclusion of the work marked by the delivery of the Comprehensive Plan to Town Meeting 2024 for the voters to approve or not approve. The Task Force may bring together board members, institutional partners, town staff, funders, representatives of the community and other interested parties to identify recommendations and action to achieve the objectives described herein.

PROCESS AND COMPLIANCE: Every member of the Committee shall comply with existing state law and the policies and procedures of the town including but not limited to the conduct and notice of meetings, the Town’s Ethics and Guidelines Policy, conflict of interest laws and the Town Personnel Policies.

APPOINTMENTS: Appointment to the Task Force is limited only by the requisite number of members needed to perform the defined task and appointment by the Selectboard. Application is made to the Community Development Office, which office will inform the Selectboard of the individuals  requesting membership on the Task Force. Appointed members serve for the duration of the Update to conclude after the 2024 Town Meeting. The Deputy Town Manager, a member of the Selectboard, and a member of the Planning Board will be appointed liaison by the respective Boards. The Community Development Advisory Committee will provide oversight; the Conservancy Research Group and the Arts & Culture Subcommittee will review and provide feedback on topics coming under their purview including the Open Space Plan. The active work of the Task Force will require outreach, as individuals or in pairs.

MEETINGS: The Task Force will follow a meeting schedule targeted to each of the four research areas: Infrastructure, Services, Community, and 2014 Plan Review. Meetings will also be held by the core development team comprised of town staff and officials, and Board liaisons. All meetings will be open to the public, and meeting dates, times, agendas, and minutes will be posted on the Community Development page of the town website and posted at the Town Offices. The Community Development Department will be responsible for the creation and posting of all agendas and the compilation of the public record of each meeting in accordance with the prevailing state law.

This 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update Task Force Charge, Mission, and Authority document has been reviewed and is approved by a vote of the Selectboard May 24, 2022.


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