Current Land Use & Zoning Committee Members

Kenneth Gibbs
27 Milbrook Rd
Bridgton, Me 04009

William O’Connor
76 Chadbourne HIll Rd
Bridgton, Me 04009

Charles Renneker, Chair
380 Hio Ridge Ro
Bridgton, Me 04009

Lucia Terry
115 Pond Road
Bridgton, Me 04009

William “Bill” Vincent
67 Portland Rd
Bridgton, Me 04009

Selectman G. Frederick Packard, Liaison
566 Portland Road
Bridgton, Me 04009

NARRATIVE:  The Land Use & Zoning (LUZ) Ad Hoc Committee is being formed to provide for safe, attractive and economically beneficial development throughout the municipality.

MISSION AND CHARGE: The Land Use and Zoning Ad Hoc Committee acts as an advisory committee and resource to the Select Board.  The Committee will work with other entities within the Town government including the Code Enforcement Officer, Planning Board, Police Chief, Fire Chief and Director of Planning, Economic and Community Development.  The key elements of the Committee’s mission include reviewing the current land use regulations, current development practice, anticipated development trends and land use models using the newly approved Town of Bridgton Comprehensive Plan for direction.  The role of the committee is to work with staff by confirming the land use policy and reviewing language for the development of ordinances and/or applicable regulations governing future development in Bridgton.

Authority: The committee shall report to the Select Board at least quarterly on their work and progress.  As an advisory committee, LUZ makes recommendations to the Board for consideration.  Recommendations for ordinance/regulation language shall also be made available to the full Planning Board for their review and comment (at the direction of the Select Board.)  The Director of Planning, Economic and Community Development shall function as staff for the committee and is charged with the research and preparation of ordinance/regulation language for committee review as to adherence to the policies laid out in the Comprehensive Plan.  The Committee may request additional authorization from the Select Board for specific activities.

PROCESS AND COMPLIANCE: Every member of the committee shall comply with existing state law and the policies and procedures of the town including but not limited to the conduct and notice of meetings, the Town’s Ethics and Guidelines Policy, conflict of interest laws and the Town’s Personnel Policies.

MEMBERSHIP: The Committee shall be comprised of not more than 7 members and no less than 3 members.  Additionally, a Select Board member and a Planning Board member shall be appointed as a liaison.  The Planning Board will be requested to make such appointment at the next regular meeting upon committee ratification.

APPOINTMENTS: Members are appointed by the Select Board and will serve to the conclusion of the Committee’s charge; specifically, the presentation of their findings and proposed ordinances to the Board.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Why is the committee working on a land use & zoning plan?

    A: To implement the 2015 Comprehensive Plan and create a tool to manage the Town’s growth (see Article III, Purposes and Intent, pg 6).

  • Q: If a discrepancy is found about a particular property being in a district, does the map or the written listing of properties rule?

    A: The list (see properties listed for each District in Article IV, Applicability, pg 6).

  • Q: In the case of a large lot that fronts along streets in different districts, how is the lot classified or divided?

    A: We’re working on this one. Stay tuned.

  • Q: What does nonconforming mean?

    A: Any existing Use, Structure, or Lot, that does not conform to the regulations of the ordinance at the time of its adoption, becomes nonconforming, and as such, is grandfathered, but with certain requirements to prevent the unreasonable increase of said nonconformities.

The Land Use & Zoning Committee meets on alternate Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.

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