Pondicherry Park Hike

As a child, Jon Evans’ playground was the woods.

“I was born in the old hospital on Main Hill and have lived in Bridgton most of my life to this point,” he said. “I took for granted the lands — I hunted, fished and hiked on — would always be there.”

Two, he serves as the Stewardship and Volunteer Coordinator for Loon Echo Land TrustWanting his own son, Maxwell, and other children to enjoy the marvelous woodlands he did, Evans has poured his energies and time into two major projects. One, he is a member of the Bridgton Recreation Advancement Group (BRAG), which is developing a sports complex off Portland Road.

“What I enjoy most about being Loon Echo’s Stewardship and Volunteer coordinator is giving folks of all ages an opportunity to see first hand what we have preserved for future generations, especially children,” he said. “When I tell kids that places like Bald Pate Mountain and Pondicherry Park are theirs to share with their children someday, I want them to feel ownership and pride in that. The natural resources we have chosen to protect for the benefit of the public and the many recreational opportunities Bridgton has to offer have a direct impact on the local economy. I am very proud of how Bridgton has balanced much needed growth with land conservation.”

Evans is “excited to see all the positive growth at a time when so many towns are in decline.”

One could sense Evans’ pride and sense of accomplishment as he guided a small group of hikers on a casual Veterans Day walk through Bridgton’s newest recreational gem — Pondicherry Park.

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Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge Donations Sought

Bob Dunning (1950-2007) was a preservation craftsman known for his work restoring historic houses and barns and creating fine furniture and carvings. He was also a devoted environmentalist who fully engaged in local politics, always trying to bring disparate points of view together. He was an outstanding parent who cared deeply about passing on an appreciation of craftsmanship and nature to all children. In short, Bob Dunning was a bridge within the community . . . so it’s fitting that we build a bridge in our community to honor him.


The fundraising campaign for the Bridge is now closed, but more information on the History of both the bridge, its builder, and Bob Dunning and his legacy may be found here:


Lakes Region: A bridge to inspiration

In Bridgton, in the blazing heat last week, a determined crew of volunteers set the first timbers in place for the floor of the Bob Dunning Memorial Bridge. Andy Buck, a Naples timber framer and friend of the late Bob Dunning, spent the previous week at his shop mortising 16 of the 8-by-12 hemlock floor timbers.

Buck is a well known timber framer who’s staying busy despite the economic downturn. Since 1987, Buck has crafted homes and barns, and designed and built what would ultimately become the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield.  Read the rest of the article here: https://www.pressherald.com/2010/07/14/a-bridge-to-inspiration_2010-07-14/

Snippets: New trail planned for Pondicherry Park

An Eagle Scout is laying out a new 800-foot-long trail that will connect Stevens Brook Elementary School with the new Maine Lake Science Center.

Lakes Environmental Association Executive Director Peter Lowell shared that news as he received permission recently from Bridgton Selectmen to cross 300 feet of town-owned land in Pondicherry Park in creating the new trail. An education room will be part of the new science center, he said, so it’s important to have a trail with easy access leading directly to the school. The public will also be able to use the trail to visit a park information display at the science center.

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