Current Committee Members

Vice Chairman Glenn R. Zaidman, Liaison
337 Wildwood Road
Bridgton, Maine 04009

Lucia Terry
115 Pond Road
Bridgton, Maine 04009

Chuck Hamaty
PO Box 507
Bridgton, Maine 04009

Allen Hayes, Jr.
14 Pleasant Street
Bridgton, Maine 04009

David Crowell
65 Sunset Road
Bridgton, Maine 04009

David Madsen, Public Services Director
3 Chase St., Ste 1
Bridgton, Maine 04009

The Town of Bridgton operates a state approved subsurface waste water collection and treatment program in the downtown area. The system may experience growth in the future as a result of future economic development or environmental requirements. A Committee has been appointed whose primary role is educate the ratepayers and general public regarding the wastewater system and future needs.


The Committee is charged with the following tasks and shall conduct their business through public meetings, collecting and reviewing information and system wide data and make specific recommendations for the Select Board/Wastewater Commissioners to review and where deemed appropriate, the Select Board shall take action. The Committee shall be responsible for setting and posting their meeting agenda’s and for creating a public record which is to be forwarded to the Select Board shortly after each meeting.


Members are appointed by the Select Board on an annual basis, usually in January of each year.  The Board may also appoint members during the year as they deem necessary.


The Committee shall report to the Select Board/Wastewater Commissioners at least quarterly, the work and progress they have achieved on various assignments and issues. As an advisory committee, the Wastewater Committee makes recommendations to the Board/ Wastewater Commissioners for consideration. The Committee may request volunteers to assist their efforts, however such persons are not considered voting members of the Committee. The Committee may request additional authorization from the Select Board/Wastewater Commissioners for specific activities.


Every member of the Committee shall comply with existing state law and the policies and procedures of the town including but not limited to the conduct and notice of meetings, the Town’s Ethics and Guidelines Policy, conflict of interest laws and the Town Personnel Policies.


Prepare press releases to be reviewed by the Wastewater Commissioners/Select Board, recommend and participate in public meetings and provide public outreach.


The Select Board may amend this Charge and Mission as they deem appropriate.

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